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RIDE Review

Throttle on!

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RIDE Review

The Positives

  • Motorcycle variety: With over 100 bikes from different manufacturers, all broken down further by year of production, performance, etc, there is no shortage of options for fans of any type of bike in the four classes.

  • Motorcycle customization: Any bike is free to be upgraded however you choose. Slow bikes can be upgraded to surpass performance of the higher level base bikes, which provides a steady ebb and flow strategically.

  • Scaleable difficulty: This isn't just "here's your bike go race and good luck". Each bike allows the opportunity to adjust both performance and difficulty. Milestone does a great job of balancing the difficulty of driving the motorcycle with making the game accessible for most players. This mode can be replayed whenever you want with any new bike you choose to fully optomize it for yourself.

  • Rewind Ability: Knowing when to brake at that perfect moment is pivotal for success in RIDE. Rewinding not only assists you in race, but also removes that frustration factor of missing one turn all race, eating the pavement and then falling out of contention.

  • Graphical quality: Each individual motorcycle is customized down to a level of detail I honestly didn't expect. From the sun glare bouncing off the metal rims or exhaust to even the production sticker from the manufacturer, it's the motorcycle version of Forza garage and adds a never before seen level of immersion in a motorcycle game.

  • Environmental effects: Being a fast paced motorcycle game, the locations fly by at a mind numbing pace. Surprisingly, the trees were detailed well even up close and you could see their individuality while speeding by. It didn't get crazy down to leaves and blades of grass, but you could definitely see the difference. With such intimate details on the motorcycles themselves, it was nice to see the environments didn't take a hit with minor things like sunlight, reflections, etc. which are all aptly reproduced in RIDE.

  • Event variety: Over 200 events in World Tour mode, there is no shortage of game play for you to partake in. Everything from time trials, to track specific challenges to climbing the leaderboards to the number one racer in the world, RIDE has something for all racers from beginner to veteran

The Negatives

  • Loading Screens: Not incredibly long, but load times of around a minute both pre and post race is a long time just to sit there waiting for the next screen. Granted, there is a lot for the game to load with all the different bikes, especially in multi player, but that's too long and takes away from what is otherwise a complete experience.

  • Framerate: I mentioned graphics above as a benefit and rightfully so, but framerate is much more important as we all know. Or atleast we should. At 30 FPS opposed to 60 on PC, the Xbox One version as well as the PS4 version ( I played both) sometimes tend to exhibit some slightly shaky frames. With the speed of the game and motorcycles flying by, especially when you have 16 human racers online with their own, individual moves, 30 FPS lacks a bit of where RIDE needs to be. It's very slight, and doesn't impact the overall game play, but it's visible and was therefore included.

  • Audio: The engine sounds in the game are phenomenal and extremely realistic. That "Vrrrrm, Vrrrrm" of the engine as you hit the throttle is ever present. Unfortunately there's not too much more in the terms of in track race music. Remember the old arcade game Cruisin' USA with all those tracks that had you dancing in your seat while racing. I would have liked to have seen more of that type of in game music as it always ties you into the race more than just hearing the hum of the engine, no matter how cool it is.

  • Damage effects: When I crash on a motorcycle going over 100, I want to see some damage that is more than a little scratch over there on the corner. Of course, I understand it couldn't be THAT realistic as any normal crash would most likely render your bike completely useless as it would most normally be in real life. On the other hand, I would have liked to have seen the bike's performance impacted a bit more resulting from the damage it sustained.

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