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Moon Hunters Review

A Myth-Weaving RPG in a world lacking substance

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Moon Hunters Review
I want to love Moon Hunters, I really do. I know there are a lot of negative points in this review, but I have tried to be as fair as I can. I’m judging the game purely on how well it fulfills its design pillars (Deeds, Combat, and Reputation), but it just falls short on each one. There is vast potential here, but each pillar seems to suffer from some fatal flaw.
Moon Hunters pitches its mythology as one of its core features, which should indicate that there is a world and story of some kind to invest yourself in. The problem is, I don’t care about the world or its characters because it doesn’t take the time to let me get to know them or let me in on what is happening.
This wouldn’t be as much of a problem if the game’s focus were purely on its combat, but it isn’t. And even if it were, Balance and AI issues keep the combat from taking off. 
There are good ideas at work in Moon Hunters, but the pieces just didn’t come together here. It feels like Kitfox Games needed more time to work on the game, and it’s ironic because time is what ends up holding Moon Hunters back from being the game it could have been. 
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