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Guitar Hero Live Review

Now raise your goblet of rock. It's a toast to those who rock!

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Guitar Hero Live

The Verdict

I can't honestly declare a winner. Both accomplish something different, but also deliver a solid rhythm game. I will say that creating a new controller with a new button layout was a smart choice, as it breathes some life into the already established formula.

The live concert gimmick is cool, and works as advertised. It might be slightly jarring for the screen to switch between performing well and badly, as it's literally just two videos playing simultaneously as you peform, and switching out based on how well you play.

It's the cheaper option as well. Sure, you're not getting the full band experience, but when the guitar gameplay is this good, you honestly don't really need it. I'm curious to see the future of GHTV, and just how well Activision and FreeStyle Games supports this feature. I would also be interested to see stats of paying players versus players who just play whatever is available on the channel.

Guitar Hero Live is a wonderful evolution of the music genre. Everything from presentation, to mechanics, to the new controller was an advancement for the better. Whether or not this picks up steam with the gaming crowd is left to be seen, but the effort on both FreeStyle Games and Activision is apparent.

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