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Far Cry Primal Review

Seriously, don't f*ck with the Badgers

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Far Cry Primal

The Verdict

I went in not really wanting to play Far Cry Primal, or at the very least, not enjoying it. However, I was pleased that Ubisoft Montreal didn't simply copy their formula from their other games, and paste it into a Stone Age setting. A lot of the mechanics are updated and refined, and frankly, just make a whole lot more sense given the time period.

Crafting new items is always immediately rewarding, taming beasts, though rather easy, not only provides fantastic combat support, but other benfits as well, and the combat has some great sense of weight, making it brutally satisfying to bash someone's skull in.

If the time period was throwing you off, I say give it a chance. Perhaps, like me, you'll see just how genius the implementation of it really was, and just how great the gameplay remains, even when modern weapons are nowhere to be found.

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