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Game Preview: Mirror's Edge Catalyst Closed Beta

Catalyst has the potential to be the game we were hoping the original game would be.

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While Battlefront did manage to improve its texture resolutions (slightly) upon release, the Xbox One version was well known to be the weakest, clocking in at a final resolution of 720p. If I had to guess, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will likely end up at the same resolution in the name of achieving a flat 60 fps. While some might argue that it’s hardly an issue, I would contend that for Catalyst, during the down moments where you are taking in the scenery of the city above, this will be more of a deterrent than for a chaotic multiplayer shooter such as Battlefront where small details like that have no time to be noticed.

Fortunately, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst handles about as smoothly as you would hope. Players of the original game will come to appreciate the many improvements in the game’s design. Faith’s running momentum is stopped far less as a result of the larger levels and the addition of “Runner Echoes”. “Runner Echoes” act as a sort of guide for the player to follow to reach an objective point. One might argue that they eliminate the puzzle aspect of figuring out where to go, but you should know that following them is largely optional as there are plenty of alternative (and quicker) paths that the game won’t show you.

The added power of the Frostbite 3 Engine has allowed for far more things in the environment for Faith to interact with, resulting in more dynamic path progression. With more stuff in the environment, creates the need to save the player time, so the addition of the “Runner Echoes” makes sense. Its presence alone is the biggest catalyst (no pun intended) for the improved sprints in player momentum.

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