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5 indie games that you should keep your eye on

Various platforms. Various genres = Loads of fun

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#1 Pyre

Pyre was recently revealed the week before PAX East and as expected, it invoked a huge spike of interest in the gaming community.  Could Supergiant Games pull off the hat-trick? By judging it from the 30-minute demo, I played, I would like to think that answer is a yes.

Pyre places the player deep in purgatory as you lead a band of three exiles through a series of combat trials, known as the Rites, through which the worthiest competitors will granted safe passage back home. The creature like beasts that you can see in the trailer are people who are damned to the Purgatory. Your role in the game is the reader, you know how to commence these rituals which will help the group of people who just saved your life.


The art style of Pyre combines SuperGiant last two games -- Transistor and Bastion, and blends them in a way that it looks drop dead gorgeous on screen. The combat system also is kind of a mix between the two titular games as they mix strategic elements and actions.

Supergiant Games is an extraordinary group of developers. The unique gameplay, the impressive Pixar-like graphics, and the lovely choice of music --which they have been known for in the past, makes for an experience that will blow you away. Pyre is going to a special game when it releases next year, though I'm not sure if I will be able to wait that long.

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