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5 indie games that you should keep your eye on

Various platforms. Various genres = Loads of fun

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#2 Outlast 2

If you’re an avid horror movie enthusiasts like myself, you typically know that sequels usually lead to nothing good. It's usually a cash crab from the studio looking to capitalize on a unique story element *cough* Sinister 2 *cough*. However, that is not the case for Outlast 2, which I am extremely excited about.

The story of Outlast 2 is about two investigative journalists who are following a suspicious and brutal death of a pregnant lady. The story takes place on the outskirts of Arizona so you are more opened to the outside world opposed to Outlasts' confined warden/hospital-like building.

However, it looks like Outlast 2 is taking a slightly different approach with their story. The mystical demons combined with the weirdos that haunt the Arizona outskirts are going to provide enough thrills and scares for the players. But getting a glimpse into the game, I could already tell that Outlast 2 will be much gorier, scarier, and downright more terrifying than its predecessors.

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