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5 indie games that you should keep your eye on

Various platforms. Various genres = Loads of fun

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#3 Beat Cop


Beat Cop is about Jack Kelly, a former NYPD detective who has been framed for a murder and is degraded to the 'Beat Cop' position. This means you will be writing tickets, dealing with petty thieves and hitting the so-called beat.

The game does a good job on hooking its players to perform simplistic tasks. In my short time with the game, I was hooked on just finding who had not paid for their meter or for cars who were parked in a 'No Parking Zone' so that I could call a tow truck up on them.


Following 'This War of Mine', the game is played in a 2D landscape which has the player walking from one side to the other looking for parking violations, interacting with civilians, and keeping an eye out for baddies.

The whacky 80s style theme, retro pixel graphics, and super addictive gameplay has Beat Cop being one of the best indie games at PAX East 2016. It is expected for a Q4 2016 release on PC, Mac, and Linux for $14.99.

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