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The best games of September 2015

The best ways to empty your wallet this month

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SOMA - PC, PS4 - Sept. 22
The best games of September 2015
SOMA is the latest horror game from developer Frictional Games, creators of the terrifying Amnesia series. This time, instead of a protagonist gradually going insane in the walls of his own mansion, we are transported to the depths of the ocean floor to the facility known as PATHOS-II, where good intentions have gone horribly wrong. SOMA’s best quality is its atmosphere and storytelling, and its philosophical takes on the notion of existence will stay with you long after you’ve beaten the game. For more on SOMA, check out our review.
NBA 2K16 -  PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One - Sept. 25
The best games of September 2015
As EA’s NBA Live franchise continues to struggle finding its footing, the NBA 2K franchise continues to roll along and is far and away this year’s premier basketball game once again. The biggest addition to this year’s game is the enhanced AI on defense that adapts to player tendencies and forces you to run real basketball plays, as opposed to simply dodging and weaving your way to the basket. MyCareer mode has also received a facelift in that it has become a documentary, directed by Spike Lee himself.  It follows the player’s path from becoming a high school basketball player to an NBA superstar.
LEGO Dimensions -  PS4, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One - Sept. 27
The best games of September 2015
Developer Traveller’s Tales has officially joined the toy-to-life brigade with their latest game, LEGO Dimensions. This time, players have access to the largest catalog of characters that any LEGO game has ever released. Provided you can pay for it all. Batman, Lord of the Rings, Ghostbusters, Portal and even The Simpsons all collide together in one epic mashup seemingly made from the dreams of every fan of everything in existence. Like every other toy-to-life game, it requires a heavy investment to get going, as the Starter Pack will run you a hundred bucks. What makes LEGO Dimensions different, is that the player has to build everything in real life before they can even get started in the game. Yes, this includes the toy base.
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