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Skylanders SuperChargers Guide: Portal Master Rank Powers detailed

You'll want the benefits from upgrading your rank

Skylanders SuperChargers Guide: Portal Master Rank Powers detailed

Previously, Portal Master Ranks did nothing much but serve as bragging rights between fellow Skylander-playing friends. Now, each time you level you, you'll unlock some handy perks that can assist you in your adventures.

Leveling up your Portal Master Rank will come with a few perks at a time. After those perks are unlocked, you'll be able to activate one perk at a time. Since you start at level 1, you only start gaining perks from level 2. Let's take a look what each rank unlocks.

Rank 2

XP Gain

Rank 3

Gold Gain

Rank 4

XP Gain, Gold Gain

Rank 5

Racing Gold, Racing Gearbits

Rank 6

Flame Shield, Path of Frost

Rank 7

Racing Gold, Racing Gearbits

Rank 8

Bane of Trolls, Bane of the Undead

Rank 9

Cyclonic Shield, Stony Barrier

Rank 10

Clockwork Barrier, Mirror Shell

Rank 11

Trendy Townsfolk, Dapper Dummies

Rank 12

Path of Vines, Skeletal Subject

Rank 13

Racing Gold, Racing Gearbits

Rank 14

Lucent Lasers, Shadow Shell

Rank 15

Flame Shield, Cyclonic Shield, Clockwork Barrier, Skeletal Subject, Lucent Lasers, Path of Frost, Stony Barrier, Mirror Shell, Path of Vines, Shadowy Shell

Rank 16

Land Gearbits, Sky Gearbits

Rank 17

Land Gearbits, Sea Gearbits

Rank 18

Sky Gearbits, Sea Gearbits

Rank 19

Racing Gold, Racing Gearbits

Rank 20

Stormy Entrance, Stony Entrance

Rank 21

Mission Stardust, Emblem Stardust

Rank 22

Emblem Stardust, Live Wire Stardust

Rank 23

Live Wire Stardust, Mission Stardust

Rank 24

Flashy Entrance, Shadowy Entrance

Rank 25

Analytical Entrance, Entrancing Entrance

(Continue to Rank 26 - 50)

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