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PS4 game releases for February 2016

Digimon, Street Fighter and Far Cry highlight the month of February

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Unravel - Feb 9

This charming puzzle platformer will send players on an adventure as Yarny. While platforming, the yarn will continuously unravel from Yarny, meaning you'll have to make deliberate and careful decisions during each level.

Street Fighter V - Feb 16

Capcom's hit fighting franchise is almost upon us. If you're the competitive type and prefer the likes of Hadouken and Shoryuken over your gory Fatality, then Street Fighter V is sure to be on your radar already.

Far Cry Primal - Feb 23

It's surreal that a Far Cry game that was just announced not too long ago is already getting a release this month, but we're excited none the less. Ditching modern technology and guns in favor of a prehistoric setting, players will have to survive the harsh wilderness of the Mesolithic period.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 - Feb 23

The ongoing feud between flora and undead wages on in the next installment of the third-person spin-off, PvZ: Garden Warfare 2. Not only will there be an expanded solo mode so players can play by themselves, there will be a suite of new modes for multiplayer as well, including a unique mode called Backyard Battleground, which is a small open-world of sorts where players can wage war against the other faction and complete missions.

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