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Our most anticipated games of February 2016

The first batch of AAA games hits this month.

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Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 - Xbox One, PS4, PC - February 23
The original Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare was a refreshing take on the popular tower (lawn) defense series with class-based gameplay that took its inspiration from the best of greats like Team Fortress 2. Garden Warfare 2 is back to expand upon an already successful franchise with new classes, modes, crossovers and even loyalty rewards.  The game just recently ended its open Beta and everything appears to be on track for a smooth release later this month (knock on wood). 
Mega Man Legacy Collection - Xbox One, PS4, 3DS - February 23
Our most anticipated games of February 2016
While this isn’t officially a new game, it is one that’s worth noting. The Mega Man Legacy Collection originally released on Steam back in August, as a compilation of the original six Mega Man games. While their heyday came in the late 80’s and early 90’s, there are many enthusiasts today who still replay the games religiously and the games are still considered master classes of early game design. This month, the Xbox One, PS4 and 3DS all get a taste of one of the best compilations in recent memory and at $15, the risk is beyond minimal. For more on the Mega Man Legacy Collection, check out our review.
Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow - 3DS eShop - February 27
Our most anticipated games of February 2016
Arguably the greatest set of handheld games is (finally) being re-released as digital downloads on the Nintendo eShop. Unless you’ve got a lot of cash to drop on eBay or you’re one of the lucky few whose save battery hasn’t died off over the years, chances are you’ve been getting your fix off pirated ROMs (likely this one). Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow are among the most pirated games on the internet, and Nintendo is finally (and wisely) bringing them to its modern handheld, the 3DS for 10 bucks each. Considering bids on individual cartridges go for anywhere from $30 to $300, fans will likely see $30 for all three as a bargain.
And those are the best games we are looking forward to this month.  Are there any we missed? Let us know in the comments below. 
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