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Nintendo: The Bad and the Ugly

The good's coming next time, I promise

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Nintendo is blowing it hard with the amiibo

SkylandersNintendo passed on Skylanders, then copied them.


Hey remember when amiibo were selling like hot cakes and everybody just had to have them? They still sell, and the lower supply releases still sell out, but the hype around them is wearing thin. Soon they'll tail off and this will be the second toys to life opportunity that Nintendo failed to properly take advantage of.

The problem is that most of the amiibo are useless outside of looking cool for collectors. The idea is that they'll be useful in their own games, and supported as nifty features in other games going forward. They're stuck between being damn near useless, or gating DLC behind a relatively expensive physical purchase that sells out due to manufactured shortages.

As it stands, there's a big disparity in amiibo usage. Why would anyone want a Little Mac amiibo besides the fact it's rare and he's cool? Little Mac only has a unique function in three games. Two of those, Yoshi's Woolly World and Super Mario Maker, uses are just as costumes, and the last function is being a cheap AI for a low tier Smash fighter.

The only reasonable way to fix this problem would be to make an amiibo-focused game, like Skylanders has done. Nintendo had no plans to do so, but hopefully that has changed since the days when they tried to pitch not having their own game as some sort of advantage. Cross-game usage is great as a bonus feature to give you an edge over the competition, but only if the primary function of your glorified PS1 memory card isn't complete garbage. At least they look cool though, right?

Okay, I think I've found catharsis in outlining why Nintendo sucks. I'd like to be more positive, which is why I'm working on an article focused on the great things Nintendo is doing to get back into fighting shape. Look forward to that..Until then, feel free to use the comments section below to add to the list or air your own grievances with the Big N.

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