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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Cheats: How to unlock Gambit mission guide

gambit lego marvel super heroes

To unlock Gambit in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, you need to complete his three-part quest chain. The quest chain starts in Central Park -- Gambit is located in Central Park in a fenced area near the Tent. 

The first mission for Gambit has you tracking a ball in three barrels. Gambit, the quest giver, says, "Been doin' card tricks so long, Gambit figures it's time he tried his hand at something new -- magic tricks! See if you can keep track of the ball, mon ami -- lift the right cup, win yourself a fabulous prize!"

gambit location lego marvel super heroes

For completing the first part of the quest, you unlock Black Bolt. The second part of the quest is located at the X-Mansion. He's located just out front of the X-Mansion, to the left of the main entrance near some flowers. He says, "Looks like our 'friends' in de Brotherhood decided to pay the X-Mansion another visit, eh? Let's throw those guys a welcoming party... And a few punches while we're at it, no? Time to roll out the red carpet!"

After that, enemies will show up that have electric powers. Simply defeat the enemies and you complete the second Gambit mission, unlocking Mandarin's Helicopter.

gambit 2nd location

The third and final part of the Gambit quest line is, again, in Central Park, but this time on the other side of the tent. Gambit tasks you with finding his missing card, saying, "Gambit got on Storm's bad side earlier... Things got a li'l... shall we say, 'windy'... and my cards blew everywhere! One o' them is still missing -- maybe stuck in a tree, eh? Could you help me find it, chere?"

You can follow the red bricks to the location of the card, which is located behind and to the left of Gambit, near a small bridge walkway, up in a tree. Return the card to him and you will unlock Gambit. 

gambit third location

Gambit must then be bought for 150,000 studs. He uses a bo staff and the kinetic-charged playing cards for a ranged attack. 

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