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Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Must-have Games for Xbox One, PS4, PC, Wii U, 3DS

The force is strong with these games

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Xbox One


Rise of the Tomb Raider - $59.96 Amazon

rise of the tomb raider

If you've enjoyed Crystal Dynamics' reboot, then chances are you'll love Rise of the Tomb Raider that much more. Lara's latest adventure is bigger and better in nearly every way. The settings and environments are bigger, the tombs are plentiful, the combat is exciting and Lara herself is once again brought to life thanks to Camilla Luddington's fantastic performance. Continue to Review

Halo 5: Guardians - $58.87 Amazon

halo 5

The story of Master Chief continues in the fifth game in the Halo franchise. There’s certainly still room for 343 to improve upon many of these newly implemented features, but it’s certainly the right step in a promising direction. It's still the same Halo we've grown to love over the years, but better, more evolved. Continue to Review

Forza Motorsport 6 - $48.64 Amazon

forza motorsport 6

If you were among those that felt that Forza 5 was a small step in the wrong direction for the series, Forza 6 seems like the perfect apology letter to its dedicated fans. Everything about it, from presentation to gameplay is refined to maximize fun, and eliminate grind. If you own an Xbox One, considering yourself lucky to be able to play, what is easily the best racing simulator on the market. Continue to Review

Massive Chalice - $19.99 Xbox Store

massive chalice

The big focus in Massive Chalice is bloodlines and generational gameplay. What that means is your heroes will be able to marry other heroes, produce children and then play as those characters, and continue the bloodline. That also means positive and negative traits will transfer over through your lineage as well.

Madden 16 - $39.99 Amazon

madden 16

As the third entry on the current console generation, Madden NFL 16 doesn’t feel like a rehash of past years. There are redesigns, quality of life changes, and gameplay alterations that feel like they’ve been in the works for quite some time. Desperately needed changes to the passing game, new controls, all-new animations, a more intuitive UI, and a new scouting system make Madden 16 feel like more than a fresh paint of coat. Continue to Review

Destiny: The Taken King - $48.97 Amazon

destiny the taken king

Destiny’s latest release, The Taken King, radically rearranges nearly every aspect of the game. Archaic fundamentals have been brought up to speed or replaced entirely. The overarching mythos has tighter stitching. The new stuff is in a class of its own but has improved original content with its arrival. This is hardly an expansion, let alone DLC. The Taken King is closer to a reboot, a ground-up overhaul of Bungie’s blue-sky project. Continue to Review

Batman: Arkham Knight - $37.19 Amazon

batman arkham knight

It's been quite some time since I've seen a game so polished, so visceral and so fun. The game also proves that you don't need thousands of square miles to explore just to get your money's worth. What's the bottom line? If you're a Batman fan, chances are you already own it. If you're not a Batman fan but appreciate well designed games with a ton of variety, great story and a visceral combat system, definitely check out Arkham Knight. Continue to Review

Rock Band 4 - $249.96 Amazon

rock band 4

Rock Band 4 is all about you forming the best cover band known to man, creating your caricatured band of misfits, and traveling the world in pursuit of fame and money. This time though, you have a say in your band's destiny. Will you choose to buy a van to help you with traveling to different venues, or do you choose the sleezy band manager who can guarantee you more money. Continue to Review

Guitar Hero Live - $99 Amazon

guitar hero live

Guitar Hero Live is easily a reinvention of the entire series. Gone are animated bands and caricatured characters like Lars Umlaut and in their place are pre-recorded FMVs with real people, real instruments, real crowds. Gone are the days of five multi-color buttons in a row and in their place is a far superior three-on-three button placement, that easily makes for some realistic chord action. Continue to Review

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