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Fire Emblem Fates localization facts

DmC debates version 2.0

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The questionable content.

Fire Emblem Fates Facts

The “petting minigame” was removed from the western releases of Fire Emblem Fates. In it you could become closer to your friends and acquaintances by rubbing their character models faces in the touch screen while they either got happy or mad at you. There was also some suggestive dialogue in closer relationships.

However, the biggest issue was the Soleil support conversation which was falsely reported as “date rape” or “gay conversion” by people either using a poor translation or outright lying about the content. Soleil is given a “magic powder” without her knowledge, which is shady as fuck, but keep these things in mind:

  • Soleil is informed of its effects before anything happens.
  • Soleil's mental and cognitive faculties are not compromised.
  • Soleil willingly continues using the powder after being told what it involves in full., and the main character even has to plead with her not to misuese the magic that has her completely amused by its power

The Nintendo Treehouse tried to “fix” this exchange not by writing it better, but by altering and removing bits of it. The localization has managed to tick off LBGT community members because Soleil is not allowed to marry females. That sounds terrible until you consider the real issue: Soleil may not have been a lesbian in the Japanese version of the game, but the Treehouse altered the script and made her sexuality unambiguously lesbian for the North American release anyway.

Moe Goes Both WaysMoe transcends sex..

Have you ever heard the term "moe" used before? It's a very vague concept, that can be used to describe something cute, atractive, or that evokes a desire to protect, among many other things. While it can lead to sexual feelings, attraction to moe can be viewed as seperate from romantic or sexual attraction.

In Japan it's not an uncommon trope for women to fall victims to crippling bouts of moe fascination. When this fascination with moe traits is given to a female character, they may show attraction to cute girls, but not necessarily in a sexual manner. Essentially, Soleil may not have been getting worked up by cute girls out of sexual lust, but out of a love for cute things: She loves cute things. The girls are cute. She loves the girls. Substitute kittens for girls and it works the same in theory, because it's not necessarily a sexual attraction.

At least I hope it's not a sexual attraction to kittens…

In this manner the Treehouse team may have altered a straight or bi-curious woman into a firm lesbian, and that's why the localization receives flack for not allowing a "lesbian" to marry other women. Oops?

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