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Best Games of 2015: Xenoblade Chronicles X

Explore an alien world

We've reached our last day of recounting the best games of 2015, and what a game to end it on. Xenoblade Chronicles X really surprised me in a whole lot of ways. From its technical prowess on a seemingly underpowered system, at least compared to the current-gen systems available, an amazing and gorgeous open world that's fully explorable, to a fantastic combat system that continually evolves throughout the game.

Xenoblade Chronicles X revolves around humanity trying to make a last stand, to salvage their existence after planet Earth was destroyed. Stranded on the planet Mira, humanity has to make the best of their situation by adapting to the local wildlife, and even uniting with other alien races. The story is certainly compelling and the characters as well, if you choose to explore their backstories.

The showstopper here though is Mira itself. The planet is separated into five separate continents, all of which have wildly different flora and fauna, and all that are fully explorable from one corner to the next without a single loading screen. Running under a giant dinosaur-like creature as he's stomping his way to a nearby lake to drink water, while other similarly alien creatures are running around the plain, is quite a sight to behold.

After about 30 hours, you'll gain the ability to get yourself a pilotable mech called a Skell, which not only makes traversal easier, but it also allows you to battle the larger enemies found across Mira. It also helps that they look badass.

There is a ton more that this game has to offer, from crafting, to building social links, to leveling up different classes, to joining online squads, to installing data probes, to mining for resources... It's overwhelming, but in a very good way.

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