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Zelda: Breath of the Wild Gets a Big Update Before Latest DLC

1.3.3 adds more Amiibo, armor, fixes and more.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Gets a Big Update Before Latest DLC

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has, at one point, sold more Nintendo Switch copies of the game than Nintendo Switches at the time. Needless to say, it sold very well. Nintendo still isn't even done adding to it. We know the next DLC, The Champions Ballad, is coming soon. But this update comes before that even touches the ground, and it's more than just a few bug fixes.

First, update 1.3.3 adds Xenoblade Chronicles 2-themed armor, as revealed in the latest Nintendo Direct. It won't just plop down into your world, however. A new side-quest will appear, which upon completion will reward you with the armor based on the new game's protagonist. Each piece must be collected separately, making this simple update more of an achievement.

The patch also adds support to four new Champion Amiibo figures. These new figures are based on the four champions in the game and unlock a helmet based on each of the divine beasts and provide specific buffs.

  • Daruk: Vah Rudania Divine Helm -- Flame Guard (Lv1)
  • Mipha: Vah Ruta Divine Helm -- Swim Speed Up (Lv1)
  • Urbosa: Vah Naboris Divine Helm -- Electricity Resistance (Lv1)
  • Revali: Vah Medoh Divine Helm -- Cold Resistance (Lv1)

Lastly, the patch will include various improvements to gameplay. It wouldn't be a patch without those little details. Take a look at the patch notes below. The second DLC, The Champion's Ballad, will be released later in 2017. It's available through the game's $20 expansion pass. 

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Update 1.3.3 Patch Notes

  • The Amiibo of the four Champions (Revali, Daruk, Urbosa, and Mipha) are now supported.
  • The side quest to receive Xenoblade Chronicles 2 collaboration gear is now available.
  • An issue preventing the × mark for Game Overs from being recorded in Hero's Path mode from Ver.1.3.0 onward has been fixed.
  • Various fixes to improve gameplay.
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