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You Can Play Evil Within 2 in First-Person Mode on PC, Here's How

It's a hidden feature in this originally third-person game.

You Can Play Evil Within 2 in First-Person Mode on PC, Here's How

The Evil Within 2 was recently released last week, and according to our own Cade Onder, it was a "haunting and emotional masterpiece." It wasn't until recently that someone found out that there's a hidden first-person mode on the PC version of the game.

Clearly, The Evil Within 2 was designed as a third-person adventure. But that apparently didn't stop the developers from toying with the mechanics a bit. YouTube user SkacikPL posted eight minutes of first-person footage. Check it out below.

It works surprisingly well, honestly. Most of the time, switching perspectives in a game that isn't launched with the option to switch perspectives (through hacking, of course) tend to be janky and weird. Other than some scripted moments, this first-person segment seems to run very smoothly.

But how do we make it first-person? First of all, you need a PC copy of the game (sorry console folks!) Then you need to enable the in-game console. It's not as easy as an Elder Scrolls game, you can't call it up with the tilde key. You actually have to create s shortcut to the game and add "+com_allowconsole 1" to its code. Then start the game with that shortcut. Hitting the insert key will bring up the console.

After you do this, type "pl_FPS 1" and the game will enter first-person mode. Want to have a little extra fun? Enter cheat mode by typing "idStudio". If you just want to experience the game in first-person mode though, simply close the console with the insert key again and get to running!

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