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WWE 2K18's Playable Mystery Character Revealed

Is that an original or extra crispy cross-faced chicken wing?

WWE 2K18

Back on October 4th, I talked about a great, hands-on experience I had with WWE 2K18 and I briefly glossed over a topic, that at the time, I wasn't about to divulge any information. However, the vail has been lifted and I can finally discuss the "mystery" character that will be appearing in WWE 2K18. My exact comments were:

"While we can’t say specifically who, as of right now, some of you will love the idea that you can create a certain figure, who just about everyone knows. After the 13th of October, we can speak more openly about that. "

While some of my friends assumed I was speaking about Donald Trump, due to his past appearances in the WWE, that guess was incorrect. No, the actual mystery character, as you could have guessed from the image below, is none other than Colonel Sanders himself. The WWE has a strong working relationship with KFC, who has sponsored some of the company's big Pay-Per-Views, so it just seemed fitting, to toss in the Colonel.

Col Sanders WWE

There is one catch however, the Colonel isn't just selectable from the overall menu of wrestlers, as he's not now and never has been, on the WWE roster. So, for players to play as the Colonel, you need to make the Colonel. Everything players need to make the legendary chicken man is available in the MyPlayer mode, from his famed, horned-rimmed glasses, to the unmistakable thin, black bow tie, it's all there. Of course, it goes without saying, you'll have to assign him moves too and we'd be remiss to say, you MUST give him the Cross-Faced Chicken Wing as his finisher. I mean, I would think it would be mandatory, but what do I know.

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