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Wildstar getting massive content update, upgrade system and Steam release

Introduces mult-tiered boss battles and weapon upgrades


Wildstar is set to bring its latest content update with major changes such as a new playable area, boss battles and fully revamped weapon upgrade system. We had a chance to speak with NCSOFT in January about these updates as well as the game's impending Steam release.

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the room to speak with NCSOFT in early January about the game was the frozen image on the screen. A beautiful area that I could tell was new to the game immediately caught my eye. It was a frozen wasteland with incredible lighting that the team wasted no time beginning to talk about. It's called "Arcterra." The official description has Arcterra listed as "A frozen wasteland that has just recently been discovered, Arcterra is full of mysterious ruins, dangerous creatures, and ancient technology," but that turns out to be a pretty wide reaching description once you hear the details of this vast new area.


The Nexus Saga that began with Journey into OMNICore-1 will continue with Arcterra and the storyline of Wildstar. The new quests will lead up to chapter two in the Nexus Saga and the Vault of the Archon, which covers the story of Drusera, the Genesis Prime, and the escalating conflict with the malevolent Entity. Progressing through the storyline will unlock various quests, cut scenes with fully voiced NPC's and new battle mechanics (we'll explain these later). Each faction in the game will have their own individual character to guide them on their quests as well. The Exiles will see Dorian Walker, the famous explorer who discovered planet Nexus, aid their journey. On the other side, The Dominion will receive guidance from Artemis Zin. Being the end game in Arcterra and chapter two of the Nexus Saga, the Vault of Archon will also allow multiplayer for the first time. One to five players can group up in the dungeon, and doing so will result in a scalable difficulty and better rewards.

Like any MMO, Wildstar will also feature brand new content in its free-roaming open-world, as well as some interesting community events. The area will feature "snowballing" boss encounters (pun intended). This is a progressive design mechanic meant to encourage community participation. As players kill 2-man bosses across the zone, they fill up a meter which tracks zone-wide kills. At certain kill thresholds, 5-man bosses and then 20-man bosses will appear, offering fun and engaging encounters with great loot. 


The part that will draw the most attention, however, is the Blizzard event. This will be a timed, dynamic event which will last approximately one hour. During this time, difficult 20-man bosses will spawn at random spots throughout Arcterra. Once you defeat these bosses, they will drop keys that either faction will be able to obtain. Whichever faction obtains the most keys will gain access to a special dungeon underneath the main map which will grant you some of the most powerful rewards in the game. 

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