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[Watch] Player beats all Cuphead bosses using a Dance Dance Revolution pad



Cuphead is one of the most challenging games available at the moment so those looking to speedrun it are in for a challenge, but if the regular challenge isn't enough you can always do it with a Dance Dance Revolution pad.

To make this incredible run a reality, speedrunner PeekingBoo connected his PC to an arcade machine of Dance Dance Revolution to be able to assign the controls. He played the game on Normal mode in the All Bosses category. With his completion time landing at 1:08:28, 1:11:30 with loads, he grabbed the 28th spot on the leaderboard, but as with most speedrunners, PeekingBoo is already at it trying to lower his time. His goal is to lower his completion time to under an hour, while still using a DDR pad of course.

Good luck, PeekingBoo, you'll need it. This game is hard enough and playing with your feet won't make it any easier. For those who want to follow him in his pursuit, check out his Twitch and YouTube channels.

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