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[Watch] PGW 2017: God of War: the Dad/Son Adventure Shows Epic Gameplay

Kratos, his fledgling son, and a bunch of monsters. Who will win?

Sony revealed the Norse Mythology-based God of War for PlayStation 4 during E3 2016 and during E3 this year, Sony offered a release window for the PlayStation 4 exclusive. Thanks to Paris Games Week, Sony has yet another update on the upcoming game featuring Kratos and his son. 

The trailer starts with the father/son duo meeting a Soul Eater. Kratos' son warns his father of the myth behind the Soul Eater, which ends up not even paying them any mind, to which he says, "Mom made them sound more dangerous than that."

Is Mama Kratos going to make an appearance in this Rites to Manhood journey Kratos and his son are on? Does she have an epic ax or some other godly artifacts?

PGW 2017: God of War: the Dad/Son Adventure Shows Epic Gameplay

Probably not. But we are treated to a short encounter with what seems to be low-level bad guys for Kratos to beat up on. We're really loving this closer view of Kratos and his son and can't wait to see more when the game launches in early 2018. Despite the game taking a more personal approach to story-telling, the action seems very familiar in a way.

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