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[Watch] Extended Look at New Units and Story in XCOM2: War of the Chosen

New units, heroes, and enemies detailed.

[Watch] Extended Look at New Soldiers in Xcom 2: War of the Chosen

At E3 2017, we learned that XCOM 2 is getting an expansion called War of the Chosen. Unlike the previous DLCs for XCOM 2 that added bits and pieces to the game, War of the Chosen adds much beefier story and gameplay features that seem to expand the story as a whole. Today, Firaxis released a video giving a deeper look at the additional factions players can add to their cause.

In this video, we learn that these factions: the Reapers and the Skirmishers, do not get along, disagreeing on the approach to the alien menace. If players play their cards right, however, they can get these fair-weather friends to get along long enough to help you take back Earth.

The video also features one of the new hero units for the aliens: The Assassin. She's part of an elite group called The Chosen. New enemies called the Lost are also featured. While the aliens fight XCOM and the other factions, they also repel the Lost, mindless zombie-like creatures that are remnants of the alien's initial takeover of Earth. This scourge is a swarming enemy that will most likely end in evacuation rather than clearing the area. Fighting the Lost offers a different kind of "last stand"-type gameplay.

Our review of XCOM 2 when it was released last year paints the game as a shining example of Tactical RPGs. We also talk about our favorite features of XCOM 2 in this video.

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