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[Watch] Everything from the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal; Weapons, Specials, New PvP,, & Worlds

Destiny 2 has "more to do than any game we've made at Bungie."

It looks like quite a bit of the most recent Destiny 2 rumor was pretty accurate! A majority of what was revealed in the leak was revealed during the Destiny 2 gameplay livestream from earlier today.

(Video above is the Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer)

During the livestream, Bungie teased an all-new cinematic campaign (more cutscenes than ever before), more story missions, all-new worlds, 3 player co-op strikes, brand new raid, all-new weapons, all-new armor, and a "pile" of new exotics. 

Luckily, Bungie detailed their teases quite a bit (including that the beta is coming later this summer).

In addition, so all the reveals today, Activision revealed that the PC version of Destiny 2 will be launching on - Blizzard's game launcher which is home to World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm.

Blizzard maintains that will "solely" support Destiny 2 on the launcher -at the moment-, as far as adding non-Blizzard games.

"Aside from potentially evaluating needs or opportunities for future Activision games, we don’t have any short- or long-term plans to support third-party games with"

While Blizzard's launcher will feature the game, Bungie will be maintaining the game's servers and customer service.

PC version will feature: 

  • 4k Resolution Support (3820×2160)
  • Uncapped framerate
  • Full mouse and keyboard support with custom key mapping
  • Text chat
  • Adjustable Field of View
  • Detailed PC settings screen
  • 21:9 monitor support

New Worlds: 

Destiny 2 Gameplay

  • Titan: One of Saturn’s Moons where Commander Zavala is regrouping at the hands of Ghaul. There is no land on Titan. Instead, players explore a series of Golden Age platforms surrounded by a rolling ocean
  • European Dead Zone: The largest destination yet featuring a lush forest, abandoned town, a cave system below the surface, and a Red Legion military base to explore and contest.
  • Io: A moon of Jupiter, where Ikora Rey has gone in search of answers. Io is the last known site the Traveler visited during the Golden Age, it’s now occupied by our enemies. The last place the Traveler touched, particularly sacred to Warlocks.
  • Nessus: A strange and unstable planetoid that has been fully consumed by the Vex where players will find Cayde-6 is caught up in his own adventures in a stunning landscape of sheer walls, lush canyons, and creepy Vex caverns 


  • Official in-game clan support with rosters, tools, and custom banners
  • In Destiny 2, solo players looking for groups can team up with Clans for challenges like Raids and Nightfalls, with Guided Games.
  • Clan reward system


Destiny 2


  • Inverted Spire, on Nessus
  • 3 player


  • 4v4 across all game modes
  • New HUD
    • Features information on opponents (Ex: whether your opponent's Super is ready).
  • New Maps and Modes:
    • Countdown is a new competitive mode where players spawn on either Offense or Defense, and when the round ends you swap sides and roles. The goal is to plant a bomb at the enemy base, and then defend it until it explodes. Each round is worth one point. First team to six wins. To revive a teammate, you must use a revive token. Power weapon ammo is only granted to the one player who pulls it. Working as a team is the key to victory.
    • Midtown is an abandoned part of the City. When the Red Legion invaded, they completely ignored this sector of the City in their takeover. The Legion deemed Midtown was of no tactical importance. Lord Shaxx agrees, which is why it was chosen as a Crucible arena in the first place.


  • To be shown off later.
  • 6 player

Oh, and something special Bungie noted during the stream is that in Destiny 2, there's no need to go to orbit to launch new activities!



As far as weapons go, there is new weapon plan to provide players with "more freedom" and "choice."

There is a Kinetic Weapon Slot and Energy Weapon Slot, which can share the same weapons. A third slot is for the Power Weapon slot, which is home to fusion rifles, sniper rifles, grenade launchers etc.


New supers were detailed as well, which are the following:

Dawnblade Destiny 2

  • Dawnblade (Warlock) gets a sword.

Sentinel Destiny 2

  • Sentinel (Titan and kind of like Captain America, has a shield that bounces off enemies),

Arcstrider Destiny 2

  • Arcstrider  (Hunter) gets a staff.

Destiny 2 is set to launch September 8 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and for the first time in the franchise, it will launch on PC as well. As a pre-order bonus, Bungie will be giving players early access to the beta, but just like the PlayStation 4 exclusivity, no details were given.

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