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[Watch] Check out the live action JPop music video starring D.Va

Enter for a chance to win a custom gaming rig modeled after D.Va!

[Watch] Check out the live action JPop music video starring D.Va

Deerstalker Pictures has released a new JPop style music video featuring D.Va and Soldier: 76.

Deerstalker Pictures, the YouTube channel famous for making live action adaptations from your favorite games, movies, and TV shows have just released a new live action music video featuring the talents of the young Meka pilot, D.Va, from Blizzard's Overwatch. Check it out here:

The video features Hana Song, aka D.Va, performing in a JPop style music video with her Meka suits. Not only is the performance spot on, but the video features a brand new, custom made gaming rig modeled after D.Va herself courtesy of MWAVE.

If you like the gaming rig in the video, you have the chance to win it if you go to their Patreon page and enter the codeword DEERSTALKER.

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