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The Witness coming to Xbox One this September

Sooner than you'd think

Since the release of Jonathan Blow’s masterful puzzle game in January, players with a Microsoft console allegiance have wondered when they’ll get their chance to lose their minds over seemingly simple puzzles. Well, wonder no longer, as Jonathan Blow has revealed to IGN that he plans to put the game out on Xbox sometime next month. According to Blow, the game is aiming for a September 13th release.

The game will be identical to its PC and PS4 counterparts, with no exclusive content for the system. “There are some technical differences, but it’s basically the same game," said the creator.

This announcement was bound to happen someday. Prior to The Witness making its release on the PS4 and PC, Blow said that that there were "no plans" to port to the game to Xbox One. After the game made its initial release, Blow said that he was open to bringing the puzzler to the Xbox One

Blow and Thekla Inc. are also still putting work into the iOS port, which they’ve confirmed will have tap to walk controls versus a digital d-pad. However, that port of the game requires a lot more work and therefore has no release date so far. 

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