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The Metro series developers have two new games in the works

But they won't say what they are...yet

4A Games is well known for their work on the vastly underrated Metro series, a post-apocalyptic First Person shooter taking place in Moscow after a nuclear holocaust annihilated almost all of humanity while turning the earth’s surface into a poisonous wasteland. A group of survivors took refuge beneath the surface of Moscow while what is left of human civilization has entered a new modern Dark Age.

Metro 2033 and its sequel, Metro: Last Light are 4A Games' only titles, but have been successful enough to help the studio prosper. Since the remasters of both titles released two years ago, there hasn't been much to speak of going on with the studio. Or so we've been lead to believe.

On the company's official Facebook page, a recent post was made detailing what they have been doing with themselves, alongside a small slew of pictures from their new location in Malta. Thrown in the post is a small teaser where they happen to mention that they have been working on two new games, but conveniently they elect not to say any more than that.

Here's the post:

Welp. At least it looks like they had fun.

Source: 4A Games Facebook Page

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