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The Belgian Gaming Commission is investigating Star Wars: Battlefront II's Loot Crates as to whether they qualify as gambling

They might have a case.

No matter what happens now, the negative outlook on Star Wars: Battlefront II and its progression system aren't going to go away short of it being completely removed, and EA flipping back to a Season Pass to recoup the difference. However, there's also a perception that the game's Loot Crates are a form of gambling, as they have the potential to influence a player's ability to succeed. At least that's what the Belgian Gaming Commission is trying to determine.

According to VTM News (via PCGamesN), Belgium's gambling authority has launched an investigation into both Star Wars: Battlefront II and Blizzard's Overwatch to determine if their respective loot crate systems constitute a form of gambling. Director Peter Naessens says, "If there is a game of chance, it is not possible [to sell the game] without a permit from the Gaming Commission."

If the Belgian Gaming Commission does find that Battlefront II's and Overwatch's Loot Boxes are a form of gambling, EA and Blizzard (respectively) could be forced to pay fines of hundreds of thousands of euros, or risk having the games banned from sale in the country. Given that Overwatch's Loot Boxes are entirely cosmetic, there wouldn't seem to be a case against them.

However, given the controversy surrounding Battlefront II and what appears to be a form of pay-to-win, there is certainly enough here for the Belgian Gaming Commission to look into. But even if they do find that the game is a form of gambling, hundreds of thousands of euros is chump change for EA. But at least, it'll keep the conversation going, right?

[VTM News via PCGamesN

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