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SimCity BuildIt available now on iOS and Android

A thriving metropolis in the palm of your hand


Disappointed with the latest SimCity? Well, Electronic Arts has a new one for you -- available only on mobile devices. Released today worldwide on iOS and Android, SimCity BuildIt brings the strategy, creativity, and magic of the SimCity franchise to the palm of your hand.

"Designed for a whole new generation of mobile gamers, SimCity BuildIt lets you build and manage your own thriving metropolis in stunning 3D, anytime, anywhere."

Like the traditional PC versions, SimCity Buildit challenges you to manage all aspects of our growing city -- from placing Residential Zones and roads, to providing needed Services and collecting taxes. You'll be tasked with solving real city challenges, like managing traffic and pollution. And hopefully traffic in this game won't be totally broken like it was at the launch of the PC version. 

I've only just started playing SimCity BuildIt, but stay tuned for our review of the game later this week. In the meantime, feel free to download it yourself and check it out. It's available for free on iOS and Android.

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