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SEGA reveals two-disc album to celebrate Sonic's 25th anniversary

Featuring Planet Wisp, Rail Canyon and other bests

Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary CD

With Sonic's 25th anniversary this month, SEGA has been making behind-the-scenes preparations to mark the occasion. And today, they've revealed one plan for celebrating the franchise's longevity.

Releasing in Japan on June 22, Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary Selection is a two-disc collection of songs from mainline titles and spin-offs such as Sonic Riders. Packaged with the album is a bonus DVD containing 19 trailers and opening cutscenes, offering a historical timeline of sorts.

Included in the mix of familiars like "Can You Feel the Sunshine?" and "Rooftop Run," the CD features some surprising choices. Rather than using "Seven Rings in Hand" to represent Sonic and the Secret Rings as they often do, SEGA opted instead for one of the standout songs from that game's soundtrack: "High and Broken," the theme of Levitated Ruin. Even Sonic Advance gets a nod with "Neo Green Hill."

If there are plans to make this available outside of Japan, we'll hear about it here.

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