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Rumor: Deathstroke will getting his own film by The Raid's Gareth Evans

That would be amazing


Last year it was revealed that True Blood star Joe Manganiello had been cast as the DC Comics assassin Deathstroke in the then-upcoming Ben Affleck Batman movie, now Deathstroke seems to be getting a whole movie all to himself.

Things started to look a bit shaky for Deathstroke when Ben Affleck stepped away from directing the standalone Batman film with Matt Reeves taking over with his vision for the story. By then, Manganiello was unsure whether or not Deathstroke would be in the Batman film anymore, then, later on, he refused to answer if he was still cast for the film or not while hinting that he was still onboard to some extent.

Now, The Wrap has revealed that everything is going more than swimmingly for Deathstroke and that he will even be getting a movie of his own! This movie is set to be written and directed by The Raid's Gareth Evans with Manganiello is still set to star as Deathstroke.

The Wrap claims that Evans was first approached to direct another DC universe film, Justice League Dark, but declined and instead pitched the idea of Deathstroke, a pitch that really impressed and dazzled the executives. Warner Bros. was so impressed by the pitch that they told Evans to move forward with it and to keep Manganiello.

In the regular DC universe, Deathstroke is considered the world's most dangerous assassin and one of the greatest tacticians with enhanced strength and reflexes. Just a light sample of how dangerous, and awesome, he is, once he took on the Justice League all by himself, and won. Nowadays in the Rebirth era, and in The New 52 era, he even got a comic all to himself.

As the headline suggests, this is still only a rumor since neither DC nor WB have officially confirmed it, but they have been open on branching out post-Justice League so with the recent popularity of this brutal assassin it would not be surprising at all if they went ahead and announced it.

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