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Report: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has "strong" technical performance on Xbox One but is a slight visual downgrade

Not much is lost on the translation from Mouse and Keyboard to controller either

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is PC Gaming's creme de la creme of 2017, soaring to the upper echelon of Steam's most played games. So, when it was announced that the game was coming to Xbox One as a console launch exclusive, excitement has been understandably high with anticipation on how the game translates being a primary concern.

As reported by Game Informer, Xbox One fans will be happy to hear that the port is by and large a successful one with its technical performance (the most important thing of all) being among its strongest qualities. They said that in their play time with the game, that it never once crashed or hiccuped on its framerate, remaining steady at anywhere between 30-40 FPS.

Another important tidbit is that Bluehole has successfully been able to translate PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' primary features to the controller in an intuitive way. Changing from first to third person perspective is tied to the controller's shoulder buttons while the face buttons (X/Y/B/A) handle things like jumping and reloading.

All that said, it's worth noting that the Xbox One version does come with a slight visual downgrade. The downgrade comes with draw distances as looking out over the horizon shows off more "muddy" looking textures on things like fields and towns. However, if you haven't played the game on PC, it probably won't bother you too much, so it's nothing to be concerned about.

All in all, it sounds like Xbox One players have a lot to look forward when PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds releases on the console later this year.

Source: [Game Informer]

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