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Report: Nintendo is recalling Wii U consoles from all retailers

The Wii U is dead.

Report: Nintendo is recalling Wii U consoles from all retailers

Last month, Nintendo confirmed they would be ending production on the Wii U. The Nintendo console that has become more of a joke than a respected platform. It is weaker than most platforms on the market, has little third party support, and has been moving very few units. Nintendo looks to be changing all of this with their next console, the Nintendo Switch but we still have a while to wait until that is in our hands.

If you wanted to get a Wii U to ease your anticipation for the Switch, good luck. Not only has Nintendo ended production on the console but they have recalled all models of the console from a number of retailers. The news was brought to our attention when a NeoGAF user reported that a Best Buy employee told them that Nintendo recalled all Wii Us for an unknown reason.

We looked into the matter and checked Best Buy, Walmart, GameStop, and Target only to find that all of the stores are out of brand new units. It's unclear what the reason for this recall is and if other stores are going to be losing their stock, but we will continue to keep you updated if the story develops.

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