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Quake Champions enters Steam Early Access, costs $30 for entry

The game will be free-to-play at some point.

Quake Champions is opening up its player base to the largest digital games distribution platform on the planet, as the game has officially entered Steam's Early Access program. While the game is due to have a free-to-play version available at some point, the only way to play the game right now is to buy the $30 "Champions Pack."

The Champions Pack comes with all of the characters unlocked from the get-go and will give you every champion that gets added to the game in the future. As was part of the Closed Beta, Quake Champions allowed you to earn every character simply by playing for an extended period of time, or by using in-game currency to rent a character for 24 hours. The Champions Pack circumvents this system entirely and will increase in price to $40 once the game releases in full.

Quake Champions doesn't currently have a firm timeline on when it plans to exit Early Access, but the developers say that the run will last until "at least until the early part of 2018." The full version will feature "new systems that deepen the meta-game," as well as your typical game performance, balance, and networking improvements.

If you're interested in checking out Quake Champions, you can head over to the game's Steam page or via the Launcher.


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