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Phil Spencer says he hopes to reveal more on backwards compatibility for Original Xbox Games this year

We hope so too, Phil.

Arguably one of Microsoft's coolest announcements at E3 2017, the reveal of OG Xbox games going backwards compatible has gone somewhat dark in the months since. Details outside of the games not getting achievements and the fact that the library won't be as big as the 360's are about all we've gotten, which has brought forth fan inquiry to Phil Spencer regarding when we might see the feature in action.

Spencer, always willing to talk, obliged albeit with only the hope of more information to come.

It doesn't say a whole lot if anything at all, but what can Spencer do when there are no updates on the feature. It's easy to get fixed on something when things aren't going perfectly with it, but there's not likely a significant number of people chomping at the bit to play OG Xbox games on the Xbox One outside of when it's actually mentioned to them. 

The feature was initially said to arrive sometime this year, though in what capacity remains to be seen. It could just be that Xbox Insider testers get to test it out this year before its releasing next year in full. That said, there's still plenty of time between now and the end of the year, so just stay patient.

Source: [Twitter via Gamespot

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