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Nintendo Switch will include robust parental control companion app

Keep the kids from going wild


As the world scrambles to find a pre-order for the new Nintendo Switch console, parents are getting some extra incentive to buy the new system thanks to its robust parental controls.

Nintendo announced the Switch will include a companion app on iOS and Android called “Switch Parental Controls” which allows them to remotely take control of their kid’s console.

The app allows parents to set time limits and even gives a monthly report on the system’s usage, including play time and games played.

It also allows you to set filters on what types of games you want your kids to play, which prevents them from interacting with a game they’re not supposed to, or even stopping them from downloading a game without your permission.

No exact release date for the app was announced, but odds are it will be available as soon of the Switch launches on March 3, 2017.

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Nintendo Switch will include robust parental control companion app

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