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New Murasaki Baby gameplay shows off controls, world, first chapter

When our Editorial Director, Lance Liebl, got his hand on 10 minutes of the "unique, creepy, emotional experience" that is Murasaki Baby at E3 2014 - he left thinking one thing: Simply put… I’ve never played another game like this, and odds are you haven't either. 

You can read more on his experience here.

Mursasaki Baby is not your typical side-scrolling puzzle Vita game - you don't directly control the main character (Baby), you don't use analog sticks or buttons. Instead, you guide Baby through the world, holding her hand, by using the front touchscreen and rear touchpad. Again, this game is unique.

The world that you're guiding Baby through is cute and creepy all at once. 

Check out gameplay from the games first chapter, it looks like it might be a journey worth taking with Baby this September.

What do you think of this game (design, controls, overall)? Let me know!

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