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New exciting details about Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon revealed in new interview

They are not actually sequels to Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon's pre-launch hype has been considerably quieter than Sun and Moon's and for a good reason. Going back to a region we've already conquered is not the most exciting prospect, even for long-time and hardcore Pokemon Masters. Not that we won't buy the game or anything (duh). However, new details in a Famitsu interview have popped up online and (as translated by NeoGAF user sinonobu) they're enough to spark some fun conspiracy theories about where the games might take us.

Here are the details as broken down on NeoGAF.

  • Not a sequel to S/M but the story with "different divergence."

  • The appearance of Ultra Recon Squad will change the story. 

  • Main Story with different development and there's a new post-game content after beating Pokemon League.

  • People who are expecting minor changes like "Emerald" or "Platinum" should be expecting "Ultra Change."

  • There's new game content where players can roam around the Ultra Hole and go to different dimensions.

  • Capturing and raising Pokemon became easier compared S/M.

  • In some of the dimensions that players go through "Ultra Warp Ride," players will be able to encounter some Legendary Pokemon. One of the Pokemon players can encounter is Mewtwo.

  • If one just compares the sheer length of the script, US/UM is twice as long compared to Sun and Moon.

Two big things from this list stand out, the "new post-game content" and the fact that Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon's script is twice the length of Sun/Moon's. Sun and Moon were meaty games in their own right, but looking at what has been happening in the world of Pokemon, and some fun conspiracy theories emerge.

One of Sun and Moon's biggest criticisms was its sheer lack of post-game content, leaving players with little more to do than filling out the disappointingly limited Alola Dex, conquering the Battle Tree, and re-running through the Pokemon League. The Pokemon games that featured the series' most legendary post-game content, Gold and Silver, just so happened to get re-released earlier this year in the e-Shop. Also, the thing that could easily double the length of a script for a Pokemon game would be another region and given the fan theories that popped up following the reveal of the story trailer (embedded above), we might very well be headed back to Kanto once again after beating the Pokemon League.

Nothing is confirmed, but it would make sense. Plus there's also this from the anime that hasn't yet made its way stateside. Warning, that link leads to spoilers.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon release exclusively on Nintendo 3DS on November 17th, 2017.


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