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Luke Skywalker is looking positively dark on the cover of new Hungarian Magazine

Hamill gives the camera quite the stare down.

Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi is mere months away and against our better judgement (and Mark Hamill's) we can't help but peek at all of the different marketing going on for the film to form wild assumptions about the story that likely won't come to pass. A new photo of Luke Skywalker has released on the Hungarian Magazine, Cinemania Mozimania and pictures him with a faded black robe (possibly a nod to the one he had from Return of the Jedi) and a serious stare down.

Check it out:

There aren't any other concrete details, so make of the picture what you will. Personally, I find it hard to believe Luke Skywalker has turned evil, but Disney has been pushing the idea of balanced force users in some of their spin-off stories, namely the Star Wars: Rebels TV show. So perhaps Luke is finding some usefulness in certain aspects of the Dark Side.

Other more recent reveals for The Last Jedi include some of The First Order's new vehicles that will be making their debut as well as the adorable Porgs

Star Wars: The Last Jedi releases in theaters on December 15th, 2017.

Source: [Twitter via Gamespot]

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