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[Listen] The Frak Podcast Episode 40 - Lawbreakers, Fortnite, and Loot Crates

Plus: Valve's Artifact, Gearbox's Project 1v1 and more

Frak Show Podcast Episode 40

Episode 40 of the Frak Podcast is live. Mike Wewerka (freelance writer for Gamezone and co-founder of the Frak) and Jsun Torres (co-founder of the Frak) welcome back Cade Onder and Tatiana Morris from right here at Gamezone, to talk about some of the top stories from the video game industry, such as:

  • Valve announces a collectible card game based on DOTA 2 called, Artifact
  • Gearbox - the studio behind Borderlands and Battleborn tease a new IP codenamed Project 1v1
  • Brawlout, a Smash Bros-like game, is coming to the Nintendo Switch with Hyper Light Drifter as a playable character
  • Battlefield 1 gets specializations for existing classes

After the headlines, the group then gets into detail on other debatable topics:

  • Loot crates will be in Middle Earth: Shadow of War ... is this a positive or negative move?
  • Lawbreakers is out, is it the next best thing in the world of First-Person Shooters?
  • Overwatch's Summer Event kicks off and introduces new skins and the return of Lucio Ball!
  • Finally, Fortnite, the Early Access game is on sale, physically, at places like Target for $40 - Is that good thing for a game that's not done, especially by a studio like Unreal?

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