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Kinect Star Wars isn't afraid to boogie


Though we're currently in the process of reviewing the latest Star Wars game for the Xbox 360, which utilizes the power of Kinect, there isn't much we can tell you until the embargo is up. User Thox uploaded some gameplay from the game which shows of the more lighthearted side of the force; Dance battles!

I don't want to say I'm horrified that a scene from Empire Strikes Back, let alone a key scene where Han gets frozen in carbonite, and Leia declares his love for him, only to answer her back with an "I know", is turned into a dance party, complete with DJ, backup dancers, and a Jason Derulo parody, but I'm horrified.

Look, I get that the game is set to appeal for a mass market, and to be honest, this Dance Central clone is done really well. But I'm also looking at it as a longtime Star Wars fan and something about that just rubs me the wrong way.

Kinect fans don't have to wait long since the game is available tomorrow! You excited to ride solo with Han Solo?

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