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Kickstarter rewards for Mighty No. 9 finally coming out a year after launch but there's issues


Kickstarter rewards for Mighty No. 9 finally coming out; Empty boxes with no game

Several years ago, a game by the name of Mighty No. 9 was Kickstarted and it was set to be a spiritual successor to the iconic series, Mega Man. After many delays and controversies, the game was released and let's just say the reaction was... not good. The game was slammed for a variety of reasons and many Mega Man fans have chosen to forget the game and act like it doesn't exist.

Fans who actually backed the game had even more reason to be upset, the team behind the game didn't live up to their promise of delivering physical backer tiers for over a year. The game came out in June of 2016 and only now are people finally getting their items... BUT THEY STILL FOUND A WAY TO MESS THAT UP!

Backers have started receiving physical boxes for Mighty Number 9 that are similar to the style of a retro NES game box. This tier cost a whopping $60 (the price of an AAA game) and backers are reporting that all it comes with is an empty box that you have to assemble yourself and a manual... and the manual doesn't even fit in the box. The Kickstarter description said that the manual would also be filled with color but it isn't. As if these fans haven't suffered enough, they have to be reminded of a disappointing game with an empty box.

The backers did get digtial copies of the game quite some time ago and the Kickstarter says that there's no physical copy of the game included in this tier but they didn''t even measure the box and manual so they're sized properly...

You can check out some reactions from fans down below.

Mighty No. 9 is out now across various platforms including Xbox One and PS4.


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