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Justice League opens to disappointing $94 million opening weekend

Major yikes.

Justice League gears up for disappointing opening weekend below $100 million

Update: Justice League has officially made $94 million in its opening weekend, the worst opening weekend for a DCEU movie and two million less than Marvel's first MCU movie, Iron Man.

Justice League is getting hammered by both fans and critics alike. Those that stood by the DC universe even through the toughest times like Batman vs. Superman have turned against it, especially after seeing and hearing about everything that was cut from the movie. Justice League is considered a major failure critically and it looks like it'll crash and burn at the box office.

The movie came in at a weak $38.8 million on Friday night and that's usually when a movie makes its most money. With a movie that stars Superman, Batman, and the now ever so popular Wonder Woman, this movie is just barely passing the amount of money that the standalone Wonder Woman film made earlier this year. Man of Steel made $56 million opening day, Batman vs Superman made $81 million, Suicide Squad did a surprising $65 million, and Wonder Woman made $38 million. A movie that combines some of the biggest superheroes ever created is performing worse than almost all of each character's individual movies.

Wonder Woman soared past $100 million thanks to the positive reviews, empowering message, and a plethora of other things but Justice League has almost none of that. Experts are predicting a crushing $80 million opening weekend for Justice League which is beyond disappointing for Warner Brothers given this movie has an estimated $300 million budget.

For comparison, Iron Man made $98 million in its opening weekend. This was a movie about a character that no one really knew outside of comic fans and superhero movies were nowhere as big as they are now unless they were Spider-Man, X-Men, Batman, or Superman. This is likely going to shake Warner Brothers to the core if it doesn't manage to cross the $100 million opening weekend milestone which would still be a disappointment. We could see a complete reconstruction of the DC universe after this and maybe even the cancellation of most of the films.

Justice League is in theaters now.


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