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Jonathan Blow's "The Witness" is now on iPhone and iPads

Be careful not to break your brain

The Witness

Jonathan Blow's beautiful puzzle game "The Witness" is available now on iOS and it's a universal app, meaning if you purchase it once, it works for both the iPhone and iPad. Blow, who is no stranger to puzzle games, after having released the critically acclaimed game Braid in 2008, announced the Witness's availability on Twitter. Blow stated that the Witness is featured in a top tab in the new iOS 11 redesigned app store.

The iOS app store describes the Witness:

"Surprise! The Witness just hit the App Store. Yes, the same spectacular puzzle game that blew critics and players away when it debuted on consoles last year is here -- every last enigma included, all of its tropical splendor on vivid display, and the end experience is every bit as incredible. If you've already heard about the indie favorite, you'll know why this is such a big deal. And if you haven't, well, don't worry -- we're gonna catch you up.

It starts with an island. You wake up on it. Aaaaand, go."

According to that description, it's clear that Blow and company have managed to keep the large game and "all" of its content found from it console's counterparts included.

The Witness is available now for just $9.99.

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