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Guns of Icarus Online is free for the next 21 hours

Go get it!


Put on your 1800's top hat and strap on your goggles, the steampunk airship combat game, Guns of Icarus Online, is currently available for the best price there is, it can be downloaded for free!

That's right, as if there weren't enough games to add to your Steam library and then never play you can now get your hands on Guns of Icarus Online for free via Humble Bundle. Guns of Icarus Online pits teams of 4 against each other in some intense airship PvP combat in a steampunk world where the industrial revolution took some interesting turns along the way. 

Guns of Icarus lets players build their own ships from scratch with hundreds of custom parts so everyone can have a "unique" design. Another interesting note is that if you play with randoms, you will have to work together since if the ship runs out of "life" you all die, making teamwork an integral part of the game.

For those worried about having to grind up levels, there is no to worry, "balanced, competitive matches reward strategic, skillful play, not level grinding."

Last but not least, recently the debate regarding microtransactions and games turning pay-to-win have started to burn even hotter so Guns of Icarus have this to say about their implementation of microtransactions:

"Goggles, gears, and glory! A wide range of costumes and cosmetic options to show off your style are available in the in-game store. These items are cosmetic only - there is no pay-to-win in Guns of Icarus Online."

Anyhow, Guns of Icarus Online is currently free on Humble Bundle and will be for 21 more hours after this article has been posted, so head on over, log in/ create an account, and "purchase" the game for yourself!

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