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Gran Turismo Sport is Effectively An Always-Online Game

You can play offline, but just barely.

Gran Turismo Sport is Effectively An Always-Online Game

Gran Turismo Sport launched this week, and while the game isn't receiving any major negative response in terms of gameplay, there is some rumblings about the game's always-online status.

The game technically doesn't force players to be always online, but the features are strangely limited when offline. One huge issue being that the game will not save your progress unless you maintain an online connection.

Much of the online necessities were made public before the launch of Gran Turismo Sport, but the implications and extent of the feature were not made clear until reviewers got their hands on it.

According to Ars Technica, the only game mode available offline is Arcade Mode. The cars and tracks you've unlocked while online are available when a connection is not live, but the only available playstyles are single races and time trials unless you log back in.

Meanwhile, level progression and credits earned are only applied while online as well. Playing offline will effectively hinder your progress, making it arguably not worth it except for those who just want to get a quick race in. The game's campaign mode requires a full, uninterrupted internet connection. Buying new cars while offline is not possible, and even viewing the ones you have, editing them or taking photos is unavailable offline.

The lack of features while offline are sorely disappointing, especially when the reasoning is not apparent. It's an issue that hinders an otherwise enjoyable game. 

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