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Elusive Targets return to Hitman

Hopefully this will tide you over until the next Hitman game.

Elusive Targets return to Hitman

IO Interactive's most recent Hitman game garnered a lot of praise for its incredibly detailed levels, fun gameplay, highly replayable missions, and more but one of the best aspects were the Elusive Targets. Elusive Targets were random characters that showed up for a very limited amount of time and you had one chance to kill them. If you died, exit the mission, or the target escaped, you were never ever able to kill them again.

It offered a unique challenge for dedicated Hitman players and made them plan out every move from the moment they stepped foot into the level to how they were going to escape. Furthermore, there was no objective marker for the target. You had to explore and look at a briefing video and a simple image to find the target. Everything had to be done in one complete go and it was a great way to make you feel like Agent 47 in his truest form.

Sadly, these missions went away a while back simply because IO Interactive didn't want to have to focus time and resources on periodical targets when they could be making a brand new game but they're finally making a return!

IO Interactive is giving players second chance to kill any targets they missed. As of today (November 18th), you can go to Paris to eliminate The Forger. You have 9 days to find and kill The Forger, this is your last chance to take down this target.

To be clear, this is only available if you never started the contract the first time. If you completed or failed this Elusive Target the first time, you will not be able to retry it. This is for new players or those who didn't get the chance to try it the first time. Each Elusive Target will return so be sure to stay tuned to GameZone to know when they make their comeback.

In related news, two new Hitman games are in active development from IO Interactive and a TV show for Hulu is being written by the creator of John Wick! You can click here to learn more.

Hitman is out now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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