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E3 2014: Nintendo Treehouse Live dives into Project Guard

Project Guard

Man, leave it up to Miyamoto to utilize the Gamepad in unique ways, finally! Project Guard is a tower defense game where players must set up various security cameras around their base, and then defend against incoming hordes of robots.

It doesn't seem very deep but at the same time, I'm digging the set up of it. One thing that does seem a little off is how the TV screen shows every single camera screen. It makes the screen look a little too cluttered. I guess it's meant to be played with other people so they can help you pinpoint incoming robots, while you focus on shooting them down with your Gamepad.

You can also edit the robot invasion patterns, and then see how you fare against your masterful design. So far on the livestream, they don't seem to be doing so well.

Like Project Giant Robot, Project Guard is an idea that could eventually build up into a real game.

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