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Destiny 2 (and Destiny 1): Xur, Agent of the Nine, location and Exotic gear (11/17/17)

There he is! Mr. Destiny!

It's Friday, and that means that Xur is back in Destiny with all of his goodies. This week, Hunters will probably be disappointed, but at least Titans and Warlocks have something to look forward too in Destiny 2. Altogether, Xur has brought a fully new list of items - all four of them are available through Xur for the first time!

As far as Destiny 1 goes, well, Hunters there will actually be happy! Check out all the details below!

Destiny 2


Titan, The Rig

Exotic Item Class Power Level Cost
Hard Light Auto Rifle 270 (265+5 Legendary Mod) x29 Legendary Shards
Lucky Raspberry Hunter Chest Armour 270 (265+5 Legendary Mod) x23 Legendary Shards
Synthoceps Titan Gauntlets 270 (265+5 Legendary Mod) x23 Legendary Shards
Karnstein Armlets Warlock Gauntlets 270 (265+5 Legendary Mod) x23 Legendary Shards

Destiny 1



Exotic Gear:

Name Type Stats Cost
Legacy Engram Body Armor Engram   29 SC
The Armamentarium Titan Chest Armor 107 Dis 13 SC
Bones of Eao Hunter Leg Armor 53 Int // 52 Dis 13 SC
Light Beyond Nemesis Warlock Helmet 71 Int 13 SC
Universal Remote Shotgun   17 SC


Name Type Quantity Cost
Heavy Ammo Synthesis Consumable 3 1 SC
Heavy Ammo Synthesis Consumable 10 3 SC
Three of Coins Consumable 5 7 SC
Glass Needles Material 1 3 SC
Stealth Drive Vehicle Upgrade 1 23 SC
Plasma Drive Vehicle Upgrade 1 23 SC

Material Exchange:

Name Cost
Mote of Light Strange Coin x2
Exotic Shard Strange Coin x7
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